April 2021 Update

23 April 2021

At a recent Annual General Meeting of SSAA, each state reported a healthy growth Sabre in their Sabre fleets. As a consequence there has been a shortage of good second hand boats for sale and all Victorian GRP Sabre boat builders have sufficient orders to keep them busy until Xmas 2021. Obviously the new boats will increase the stock of boats available leading to a healthy outlook for the next sailing season.

Growth is coming from a mixture of people coming into sailing after having completed learn to sail programs, people returning to sailing and seeing the Sabre as a versatile and popular class and some moving to the Sabre class from other classes. The growth is augmented by the reputation of the Sabre sailors as friendly, willing to help and coach newcomers to improve their sailing. In some instances our evaluation sails that have been moving around the states have sparked interest showing the class is continuing to carefully evolve. 

It was also pleasing to see that strong female participation continues and that the class has allowed some minor rule relaxations to assist this.

Some highlights from each state are:

SA – Season kept improving, increased membership and second hand boats snapped up. 50 Sabres sailed during the season. Two new boats in Mt Gambier. Evaluation sail stirred up interest. A healthy club scene.

NSW – Taree is a new hotspot for Sabres with seven boats this season. Interest from commodore at Kogarah Bay YC who is seeking three boats, has a daughter at Taree and will encourage a traveller’s series. 

WA – A good scene with a potential new fleet at Port Hedland. 

Vic – Very healthy in most of the 34 sailing clubs where Sabres sail. Originally 82 entries to State titles but dropped to 61 when forced to reschedule due to sudden Covid lockdown. 

Tas – Healthy – about 43 boats with several new builds. 

Qld – now mainly centred on Maroochydore.