Sail Design Changes – Survey Reminder

07 June 2021

Thanks to the 100 or so people who have completed this important survey to date. For those of you still do do so, your participation would be most appreciated.

The sail evaluation project commenced nearly 18 months ago and now all states have had the opportunity to use and evaluate the test design. The progress of the project has been reported at length on the Sabre website and Mailchimp newsletters. Unfortunately, COVID lockdowns and adverse weather slowed the planned evaluation timeframe.

If approved, there will likely be minor design changes to improve performance and aesthetics.
A new sail design would be phased in over a minimum 3 years if approved.

To be approved, per the SSAA constitution, a majority of the 6 State Sabre Associations must vote yes. i.e. 1 vote per State irrespective of the number sailors in a State.

The following questionnaire is intended to assist State committees in voting on a forthcoming proposal. (at this stage, July 2021)

When responding to the questionnaire, please bear in mind that the Sabre is a very successful one design dinghy that caters for a wide range of sailing experience, crew weight and sailing conditions.  Any change will also incur a financial cost to some sailors (we have attempted to alleviate this by suggesting a three year minimum introduction period). Please consider our current Sabre community rather than focussing on a narrower group or individual preference.

This survey is being sent to over 700 people on the Australian Mailchimp list.
Your participation is much appreciated.
The actual questionnaire is located within our TryBooking account and has the following questions.

1. Your Name
2. State
3. Sail Number
4. Your YC (abbreviation)
5. Are you a current Member of a State Sabre Assoc.
6. Have you used the SSAA evaluation sail
7. Did you return the sail evaluation form
8. Have you  physically seen the sail (not photos)
9. If you could vote – What would it be (Yes/No/Indifferent)
10. Any Comments

Click on the following link and once in Trybooking, Click BOOK NOW and select . Add 1 free ticket which takes you to the survey.


Thank you for your participation, it will be of great help.
The survey will be open until 20th June 2021

Barry Eastgate
Secretary / Treasurer
Sabre Sailing Association of Australia