Sabre Measurement Rules Update

01 September 2022

In the period 2016/2017 the Sabre Association of Australia (SSAA) embarked on a significant change to the way the rules are written, and the way boats are measured. This was completed in late 2017 and came into force 1 Feb 2018. It was at this time that the Rules of Measurement were separated from the Construction, Fit out Guide and Rules into a separate document. The measurement rules are a combination of pre 2018 dimensions and measurements taken off production boats.


SSAA has adopted the approach endorsed by World Sailing, which have been adopted by most classes. Our reference is now the World Sailing Equipment Rules of Sailing (ERS). The rules are now closed meaning if they don’t specifically allow something, then it is prohibited. The onus is on the boat owner to ensure their equipment is measured and complies.


The aim was also to simplify and clarify rules where possible and to consider the materials available and capabilities of the amateur builder. The aim is to avoid changes that would lead to boats being constructed that have short lives.


National Measurer, Gary McLennan in conjunction with State Measurers reviewed the 2018 rules over the past 9 months and as a result several changes were approved by the State Associations at the April SSAA AGM and came into effect 1 July 2022. A number of proposals intended for the AGM were held over (mainly related to construction materials) that required more work. A Special General Meeting was held 10 Aug 22 and most of those deferred rule change proposals were approved by the State Associations.


These rule changes are effective 1 September 2022


We trust that the rule changes will provide rule simplification and enhanced clarity, some new cost-effective features to the boat and equipment and to streamlined measuring.


The rules that apply from 1 September 2022 can be seen here. Changes effective 1 July 22 are highlighted in red and those effective 1 September 2022 are highlighted in purple.