Wanted – Sabre sailing dinghies

28 January 2024
With over 2,200 Sabres having been built during the past 50 years, the majority in Victoria, there must be quite a few sitting at home in storage doing very little. It’s now a great time to convert these great boats in good condition, into cash.

During the last few years the Sabre class has been suffering growing pains; high demand and limited supply. As soon as good quality boats are listed for sale on the Sabre website, https://www.sabre.org.au/for-sale/  off they go! Often before they are listed.

Many of the off the beach sailing clubs in Victoria have a waiting list of people to sail their club Sabres or wanting to buy their own boat.

The Sabre was designed to sail on Port Phillip Bay waters by sailors ranging from inexperienced to expert. Boats are relatively inexpensive and the class continues to grow.

Turn your unused Sabre into cash. List it now.