2024/25 SQP Engineering Sabre National Championships – Perth WA

28 April 2024

The 2024/25 SQP Engineering Sabre National Championships will be held at Perth Dinghy Sailing Club
28th December 2024 – 4th January 2025.

Sabre Sailing Association of WA Inc is proud to advise our naming rights sponsor for the championships is SQP Engineering.

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Notice of Race

Notice of Race is in its final stages and will be released soon.

Boat Transport

Now is the time to start looking at boat transport options. Organise a State representative to contact ME Freight Management to organise a container for container transport for your boats across to WA. Clayton Erwin, Director of ME Freight Management is a fellow sailor and organises boat transport all over Australia and the world for many classes and individual sailors.

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See you in Perth!!