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    The new Sabre class that came into effect in January have finally been posted on the website. Unfortunately the old rules were deleted and no change log was published. For these interested in “what’s new”, I’ve put together a document highlighting the delta. You can download this here:

    Does anything see anything significant? The extra 2mm on the headboard is interesting. There must be a story behind this one? The removal of “port side” in is also “convenient” as I know a number of boats, including my own, have the number embossed on the starboard side.




    Can anyone please clarify the position regarding attachment of the final mainsheet block. In the new rules 1.11.3(n) states:

    Alternative types of control systems (provided maximum purchase limits are not exceeded and
    other requirements are met, e.g. mainsheet shall lead through a block on the keel stiffening timber
    to the hand).

    Where does the last statement come from? The inference is that it is just an example of another ‘requirement’ that may need to be met. I can’t see any specific reference to this requirement elsewhere in the rules. Rule 5.2 states:

    then via a floor-attached block to the skipper

    With many boats now having an extension tube between the floor & the final mainsheet block such an arrangement would seem to be clearly outwith these two statements – i.e. attached to the keel stiffening timber or floor. I have also seen on the forum ( that diagonal bracing of the tube to the thwart is also allowed. These seem significant performance advantages over the block attached directly to the keel stiffening. As such their legality should be stated clearly.


    There appears some comfusion regarding the legality of some mainsheet block arrangements – the English language is obviously not well understood.
    This is the way it works. After enough people have adopted something illegal, it becomes defined as “common practice” and is incorporated in the rules.
    It probably started years ago when someone played around with the hull shape (ignored). More recently we had the extra vang purchases – eventually legalised.
    Now we have lots of boats with the illegal extension on the mainsheet block, i.e block and mounting plate not fixed directly to keel, and several with the diagonal bracing to the thwart.
    Presumably these will become legalised retrospectivly, but a lot of people should have been disqualified in the past. ( Rule 1.10. If not listed as permissible it’s prohibited)
    Perhaps the committee should give some guidance as to how many people need to adopt a “common practice” before it automatically becomes legal.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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