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    OK all, before someone picks me up on the Vang comment, I need to remember to check older topics first, especially when I started it, and I would have found an answer.

    If we are going to allow webbing strops and other variations of Vang attachment, I think the meathod of measuring needs to change to what was sugested in the other thread, use the bearing point, as I can make a strop set up that will effectively allow me to use the vang to put bend in the mast on the water.

    you just move the bearing point aft on a very long strop and have the point nearest the mast in legal limits. Technically that would be within the rules as they are written.

    May be add a sliding loop around the boom that you could position along the boom to change mast bend back to more of a vang effect when required.

    Still believe a T-ball should be allowed. Our Heron has had a T-ball fitting on the same boom section (a 50mm section same as the sabre) for 7 years with no breakage problem. But we’ve bent two booms, and I’ve seen others break them on sabres that were half the age.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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